Open Source

Open Source

The world has recognized the power of open source and value of reusability in last few years.In the meantime Integration and customization of ready made products and web solutions weather open source or proprietary have saved a lot of time and money for businesses.

A wide range of software products can be used to quickly achieve certain business needs. However this software rarely can be used “as is” and will require certain customization and tune up to perfectly match your requirements.We have an extensive experience in customization and integration of different web solutions: CMS, forums, chats, shopping carts, billing solutions,

project management and tracking solutions, etc. We provide this service separately or as a part of a more complex project.

A lot of ecommerce solutions use 3rd party services such as payment processing, news feeds, automated translation etc. ITS can advise on best options and help you with integration of those services.

ITS has hands on experience in following Open source Tools & 3rd Party Tools.
Content Management Tools E-commerce Store  Payment Gateway Grid Control Peer 2 Peer Other tools
 Mamboo CMS  OS Commerce  Paypal  Component One  EDonkey  Quickbooks
 Drupal CMS  X-Cart  Worldpay  Infragistics  Bittorrent  Sage
 Macro Contrib  Yahoo Store  VS Flex  GNucleus 1.0 & 2.0  Quickaddress
 Wordpress  VPASP Cart  E-gold  Open Map  SoftwareKey
 Joomla  Comersus Cart  2Checkout  AWStats
 Lite-commerce  PHPBB Forum
 Coppermine Photo Gallery