A few years ago, outsourcing data entry work was definitely not an option people took seriously. Yet the need for data entry work grew. Along with it came the realization that this work was not necessarily best managed by in house personnel who understood the product, database or business.What mattered more was faster, accurate and more efficient data entry.Outsourcing data entry to ITS Software Solutions which is having a team of professionals who are experts in this field, is a more profitable procedure and removes management headaches as well. Companies can concentrate on their core activities by outsourcing data entry work.

We here at ITS Software Solutions will manage all your data entry needs and can even advise you on how to keep costs low.
With years experience in data entry / data capture, ITS Software Solutions experienced personnel has the capacity and expertise to process any type of data, typed or handwritten and to deliver it to a wide variety of output formats. Here are just some of the possible data entry procedures that we carry out:Data entry operators can input any type of data.

They can develop and update databases and handle a high volume of data accurately at high speeds.Our Data entry centers are equipped with facilities like a 256 KBPS Internet link, dedicated infrastructure and machines.

The results obtained can be in the form of text annotations, images, or a mix of both.

Paper documents can be converted to electronic media such as multimedia CD-ROMs, databases with tables of content and indices, PDF(Adobe Acrobat Format) files, HTML with full text search functionality or any specific Electronic Document Management System.Here are some examples of output formats:

  • Text Format (.txt)
  • Comma Separated Values (.CSV)
  • XML
  • Excel (*.xls)
  • Word (*.doc)
  • Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
  • Access Format (*.mdb)
  • HTML Format