In this field of web applications development, technologies, paradigms, frameworks, industry standard and non-standard APIs, protocols, programming languages, markup languages, query languages, content creation tools are appearing and changing merely every day.


Building even a medium-complexity web application requires a team of developers having a broad range of skills and playing various roles in the development process.Offshore development and Offshore Programming at ITS Software Solutions safeguards the client’s intellectual property, proprietary software and new development specifications with very high levels of security. Clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code at the completion of the project.


Web developers at ITS Software Solutions are experienced in using industry-standard environments as well as latest technologies for developing, deploying, and maintaining web-based applications.

In developing and delivering web applications on various platform we are based on:

A development model that makes it easy to build web applications Usage of common, reusable, extensible, and modular framework for building web applications faster Implementation of the industry best practices in a consistent manner to get more robust applications Knowledge of standard web technologies,tools and environments as well as continuous and consistent testing and practice with the latest technologiesITS Software Solutions offers comprehensive solutions in lots of areas with products and components that offer cost effective solutions with quick turnaround time. We have worked in following areas:

  • Corporate Website
  • Content Management
  • Ecommerce & Shopping Cart
  • Price Comparision
  • Bulk Emailing
  • Real Time Domain Registration
  • Portal Solutions
  • Email Tracking
  • Photo Voting
  • Web Enabling the Legacy Applications

We apply a well-established framework for site development while letting the site requirements to evolve until you’ll get the site you want. Typical stages of this process are:

  • Analyzing and determining your goals and target audience
  • Procuring content and graphics
  • Concept design: navigation system, sample pages
  • Actual site building using quality programming skills
  • Testing for various browsers compliance
  • Demonstration of the beta version of the site plus your views, suggestions, corrections Implementing the changes and receiving final approval for site design & functionality
  • Registering your domain name
  • Uploading your completed site
  • Submitting to search engines and directories
  • Updates and maintenance as required